Queans Rottweilers began with my friend Marsha Eychaner.
"Quean" is Olde English for the royal "Queen," and also has a second meaning of a saucy, tartish woman.
That was Marsha. We joined up in dogs, we went plural with Queans.
We co-owned several top-winning dogs together over many years,
and enjoyed each others company along the way.
After she passed away I decided to keep and continue with the Queans name for my Rottweilers,
as it represents (to me) hard work, sassy fun and excellent dogs. 

Multi Best in Show & Best in Specialty Show
Gold GCH Haines Abel for Queans CD, BN, RA, CGC

CHIC #:95738 | Hips: Good | Elbows: Normal | Echo Cardiac: Normal | Eyes | JLPP Clear

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Abel is presented exclusively by Jeannie Tappan
Abel is owned by Jill Kessler Miller and Yolanda Gallardo