How to remedy canine carsickness

Carsickness in puppies is a common occurrence, and it is often related to a still-immature inner ear. Thankfully, most puppies usually outgrow it by the age of six months. A little work into making sure your canine pal is happy and relaxed in a moving vehicle can help. Limit your dog becoming sick in a car as much as possible. A dog who has vomited in a car a few times immediately associates the car with being sick. ​ Some signs that the dog is becoming ill are: · constant yawning · excessive drooling · non-stop whining · general uneasiness · inability to settle down · not moving at all, hunkered down Destination is very important while learning to ride in the

The easy way to give your dog pills.

One of the first things I teach all my dogs is to eat off a utensil. I rotate what I use: spoon, fork, wooden spoon, butter knife, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Cream cheese is my food of choice--delicious, thick but not too sticky, nice aroma, goes down easy--not only for us, but dogs too. I let them have some off the spoon, which they usually take gingerly, testing it, do they like it, is there anything in it, hmmm, yes, I do like it! Everyone gets a taste, and I put it away. Sometimes I also use canned dog food, like a chicken-based food. But cream cheese really, really works. I do this randomly, for no reason at all, as a tidbit treat. Dogs love it. ​ Then one day, I need to give my

Flexi-Leads--Please Don't!

When Flexi-leads first came out (in the late ‘80s), they were not for the pet market; they were designed as an aid for obedience training, for teaching the recall, retrieve, and reinforce distance work. But over time, they trickled into pet stores, and people began to use them to walk their dogs. So what’s the problem? Simply put, lack of control. The further the dog is out ahead of you, the less leverage you have to retract and restrain. Cat, squirrel, dog, motorcycle, skateboard, jogger--a simple distraction and you’ve lost control of your dog. Sometimes because they lunge suddenly and the handle goes flying out of your hand, sometimes because there’s enough room still on the line to spin

Being Mindful

​We all read about mindfulness--minding your words, your food, your actions, but what about when your with your dog? Do you go out for a walk or to gathering such as coffee or dinner with a friend and then immediately get on your phone, put in your earbuds, look off and not pay attention? And when your social mate reads or ignores you, then tug at them and get mad? Well, when you put in your earbuds or look at your phone while walking your dog, you’re essentially doing the same rude behavior. Your dog is engaging you, even on a walk. They are reading the local news by sniffing, translating their environment with all their senses, and giving back information as well. Listen to their breat

I am not a dog park advocate

I don’t recommend dog parks. Not ever. The list of things that can go wrong is so long that it completely outweighs the possible attributes;


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